MOM23 | Imark and Hagström are the WINNERS of MOM 2023!

The third (and last) stage of the Maximus O Meeting was going to decide in “El Burguillo” and with the chasing start, the final winners of this fourth MOM edition.
In the women’s class, the victory shared by Megan Carter-Davies and Sanna Fast in the middle distance was not enough to unseat the Swedish Sara Hagström who, with a solid third place in the last stage, took the final victory, ahead of Simona Aebersold (2nd overall) and Sanna Fast (3rd overall).
In the men’s class, Simon Imark prevailed overall with another solid performance (6th fastest time of the day), ahead of Mathieu Perrin (2nd overall) and an exceptional Matthias Kyburz who climbed back to 3rd overall, thanks to a clear victory on the day (30″ faster than the Norwegian Fosser).

Women classOVERALL

1) Sara Hagström 2:04:31
2) Simona Aebersold +3’35”
3) Sanna Fast +6’14”
4) Hanna Wisnieska +12’42”
5) Anni Haanpää +14’31”

Men classOVERALL

1) Simon Imark 2:14:52
2) Mathieu Perrin +4’04”
3) Matthias Kyburz +5’31”
4) Fabian Aebersold +6´07″
5) Michal Olejnik +7’08”

With this beautiful middle distance, the end of this edition of Maximus O Meeting was put.
Thank you all for choosing Maximus!

#TheBestChooseMaximus #TheBestWinMaximus

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