Maps will be printed with high quality laser printing and waterproof paper.

Below you can find the list of trainings (22 forest trainings and 9 sprint trainings)


PET-01One Man relayBurgohondo Oeste100006.1k40.417089, -4.790772Yes16 variations – zoom area 7500Raúl Ferra (package 2022)
PET-02Long legsBurgohondo Oeste100008.1k40.417089, -4.790772Yes Raúl Ferra (package 2022)
PET-03MiddleBurgohondo Este100005.4k40.417103, -4.761350Yes Raúl Ferra (package 2022)
PET-04ClassicPuente Nueva100008.0k40.399141, -4.769858Yes Raúl Ferra (package 2022)
PET-05One Man relayPuente Nueva100006.0k40.399141, -4.769858Yes16 variationsRaúl Ferra (package 2022)
PET-06One Man relayInfierno Navalmoral100005.7k40.449340, -4.732659Yes8 variations – zoom 7500Raúl Ferra (package 2022)
PET-07ClassicInfierno Navalmoral100007.2k40.449340, -4.732659Yes Raúl Ferra (package 2022)
PET-08MiddleCabeza Mesada100006.8k40.529680, -4.432580Yes Raúl Ferra (package 2022)
PET-09MultitechniqueCabeza Mesada100006.4k40.529680, -4.432580Yes Raúl Ferra (package 2022)
PET-10ClassicMonte El Encinar1500011.2k40.461310, -4.639297Yeszoom area 10000Svetlana Mironova (package 2023)
PET-11IntervalsMonte El Encinar100006.6k40.461310, -4.639297YesUnforkedSvetlana Mironova (package 2023)
PET-12MiddleCerro Madroño100005.0k40.416238, -4.784579Yes Svetlana Mironova (package 2023)
PET-13IntervalsCerro Madroño100006.9k40.416238, -4.784579Yes64 variationsSvetlana Mironova (package 2023)
PET-14First leg relayValle Iruelas100005.3k40.407506, -4.573406No64 variationsRaúl Ferra (package 2023)
PET-15MiddleValle Iruelas100004.9k40.407506, -4.573406No Raúl Ferra (package 2023)
PET-16IntervalsCastañar El Tiemblo1000010.1k40.358604, -4.511967No Svetlana Mironova (package 2023)
PET-17MicroCastañar El Tiemblo50004.4k40.358604, -4.511967No Raúl Ferra (package 2023)
PET-18IntervalsLa Herrería75005.8k40.575097, -4.152107No Raúl Ferra (package 2023)
PET-19Hilly middleLadera de Abantos100004.7k40.610758, -4.128561No Raúl Ferra (package 2022)
PET-20LongCanto Redondo1500011.1k40.399903, -4.404337Nozoom area 10000Raúl Ferra (package 2022)
PET-21One Man relayPinar Almorox100006.5k40.289852, -4.379624No8 variationsRaúl Ferra (package 2022)
PET-22One Man relayPeguerinos75006.4k40.657335, -4.202387No8 variationsRaúl Ferra (package 2022)
SPR-01Star intervalsNavalmoral40005.0k40.456576, -4.766721No Raúl Ferra (package 2022)
SPR-02SprintVillanueva de Ávila30004.3k40.378047, -4.816884No Raúl Ferra (package 2022)
SPR-03IntervalsEl Barraco40005.5k40.473603, -4.638880NoUnforkedRaúl Ferra (package 2022)
SPR-04One Man relayPeguerinos40004.6k40.626325, -4.233429No32 variationsRaúl Ferra (package 2022)
SPR-05One Man relayBurgohondo40003.3k40.414868, -4.786125No6 variationsPablo Pascua (package 2022)
SPR-06SprintNavaluenga40003.8k40.408379, -4.707702No Pablo Pascua (package 2022)
SPR-07SprintSan Juan de la Nava30003.3k40.478063, -4.681149No Raúl Ferra (package 2023)
SPR-08SprintSan Lorenzo40004.5k40.587750, -4.143600No Pablo Pascua (package 2022)
SPR-09SprintSan Martín Valdeiglesias40004.5k40.366347, -4.403003No Pablo Pascua (package 2022)
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