Warning: WRE classes

All the entries got by the two registration systems SICO (spanish) and OrienteeringOnline (foreigners) have been exported to Eventor. We’ve noticed that some athletes don’t have profile in Eventor, so if you want to get WorldRanking points, you should create your profile before the race.

Entries for Middle distance WRE (only athletes with Eventor profile): https://eventor.orienteering.org/Events/Entries?eventId=6473&groupBy=EventClass

Athletes registered without Eventor profile:

AnnaKarlströmOK LinnéF-ELITE
KlaraAxelssonEksjö SOKF-ELITE
JosefineSvenssonIFK Göteborg OrienteringF-ELITE
FoltzerCécileOK LinnéF-ELITE
DanielCarlson BjernaldOK LinnéM-ELITE
LinusOlhansÅs-NMBU OrienteringM-ELITE
FilipTrofastBredaryds SOKM-ELITE
MaríaRodríguez CorrochanoMANZANARES-OF-ELITE
JuanCornejo GarcíaALCONM-ELITE
EloiMartí RomaníCAT-OM-ELITE
AntonioMartin MorenoMURCIA-OM-ELITE
JoséCunha Sanguino IndependienteM-ELITE
RodrigoCunha Sanguino IndependienteM-ELITE

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