🔴⚪️Weekly SI-Trainings

To make your entry for the training, we’ll open different events in OrienteeringOnline.
Entries for every training must be done the latest 24h before the training.
Training will be cancelled if less than 10 people are entered.

Confirmed training
⚠️ Not confirmed training (waiting for minimum entries)
Cancelled training

07.02.2023 – First leg relay (Pinar de Juanín) – Registration (OrienteeringOnline)BulletinResults
14.02.2023 – Night first leg relay (Valle de Iruelas) – Startlist Bulletin Results Splits
18.02.2023 – Forked intervals (Cabeza Mesada) – Startlist BulletinResults

SIT-01Forked intervalsCabeza Mesada100005.8k40.529680, -4.43258031/1, 18/2, 28/23 intervals – 32 variationsRaúl Ferra (package 2023)
SIT-02One man relayPinar Almorox100005.8k40.289852, -4.3796242/2, 21/2, 2/38 variationsRaúl Ferra (package 2022)
SIT-03Forked intervalsInfierno de Navalmoral100005.3k40.449340, -4.7326594/2, 23/24 intervals – 32 variationsRaúl Ferra (package 2022)
SIT-04First leg relayPinar de Juanin75004.0k40.404563, -4.7762127/2, 25/216 variationsRaúl Ferra (package 2022)
SIT-05First leg relayValle de Iruelas100004.3k40.407517, -4.57341604/364 variationsRaúl Ferra (package 2022)
SIT-05nFirst leg relayValle de Iruelas100005.5k40.407517, -4.57341614/232 variations (night)Raúl Ferra (package 2023)

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